December 20 2010

Russian Anti-Smoking Video: Children’s Excuses

A unique Russian anti-smoking video has been making its way around the internet the last few days. It features children playing the roll of adults who are explaining the reasons why they smoking. The clip is nicely done, but will it really help people stop smoking? View the full video below complete with English subtitles.

November 2 2010

Photo: Village Laundry

Laundry in Russian village


October 26 2010

Lego Soviet Revolutionaries

Trotsky, Lenin, Gorky, and Stalin in Lego.

Soviet Revolutionaries

Soviet Revolutionaries by Andrew Becraft on Flickr.

October 25 2010

A Lego “history” of the USSR

This rather entertaining “history” of the Soviet Union for children has been making its way around the web. While not very historical in nature, it’s good for a laugh or two.

YouTube – History of USSR for children. via Sean

October 22 2010

Soviet Invalidka: A car for the disabled

The Soviet SMZ cycle-car was built in the city of Serpukhov from 1970 to 1997. They were primarily used by disabled drivers who were given the cars by the government on lease. Over the years, several models were made, and some can still be seen on the streets of Russia. The most popular model featured a 10 horse power engine and could go a whopping 55 mph! Here are some photos of these fascinating cars.

1972 SMZ
1972 SMZ

Invalidka – Soviet car for disabled people
Invalidka – Soviet car for disabled people

Smaaaaalllll SMZ

Funny Soviet Ambulance