July 31 2007

Chelyabinsk Region

Chelyabinsk Region Coat of ArmsThe Chelyabinsk region of Russia is located in both Europe and Asia. It is a place where East meats West. The region’s capital is traditionally known for its industry which grew rapidly in the Soviet era. However, there are still vast parts of the Chelyabinsk region that are still very far from the industrialized world. In some areas of Chelyabinsk there is a new tourism industry trying to get started. Here’s a fascinating report from Russia Today about the Chelyabinsk region and the beauties you can see there.

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February 13 2007

The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Flag of YakutiaThe Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is located in eastern Siberia. Sakha is a rather large republic and occupies one-fifth of Russian territory, 40% of which is above the arctic circle. About 980,000 people live in this vast republic where the population density is about 10 times lower than in European Russia. Sakha is rich in natural resources, history, and culture. It’s also one of the coldest places in Russia with average air temperatures in January of -43.2°C (-45.8°F).

Yakut New Year Festival. By Evgenia Arbugaeva.

The Verkhoyansk Range. By Alexei Zuev.

To find out more about The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), visit YakutiaToday.com. This site is dedicated to sharing news and information about Sakha with the English speaking world.

Link: YakutiaToday.com